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This time last year I had returned to work after maternity and was preparing for redundancy.

In the lead up to my return, I was just getting over Post Natal Depression – which for me meant overwhelm and avoidance. I was fine with baby but anything outside that bubble felt too big.

I avoided putting the laundry away, let alone making life decisions and preparing to return to work.

What had seemed like a mountain, had to be faced.

I HAD to go back to work and make decisions. My time had run out.

My worries about returning to work: would Kai be ok without me, would Kai get too spoilt with grandparents, would I be able to carry on breastfeeding and find somewhere to pump, could I handle it…

My worries about the big decision: should I take the redundancy, what role should I go for, should I push myself internally for a promotion, would I get flexibility if I left, if I don’t leave now would I just stay forever, should I stay because its comfortable and flexible…

I had a smooth transition back, thanks to a great boss – which I really needed to show me Kai and I were ready. I took the redundancy- at times I’ve questioned if it was the right decision, but it’s given me time and resource to go pursue my calling, launching Fierce Project Management.

Anita, Founder of Fierce Project Management

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