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If you’ve been following me you will know I have launched my business Fierce Project Management, helping women in projects get their voices heard.

I have shared some of my own experiences as a project manager where I realised gender WAS relevant- I don’t do it for sympathy, and I do not think I have experienced a particularly unfair or bad time, but just that I have one story, my story, of how these issues affected me.

I don’t think my experiences happened because people I work with have been “anti-women” or intending to create barriers but from a whole heap of cultural, systemic and unconcious biases that make it harder for women and underrepresented groups overall.

I share my story because other women all have their own stories.

  • It starts a discussion
  • It raises awareness
  • It resonates with others who thought it was “just me”
  • It might just make some people rethink and reframe

And overall its not just women who are missing out, its the projects and businesses if you aren’t maximising our input- what a waste of talent.

I’ve just got a single story but I asked to hear the story of 100 women in the profession. Collectively our voices have power!

The Women in Projects survey reached its 100 women target and I will be sharing the findings with you here! You can also sign up to receive updates by joining the Fierce Project Management mailing list.

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