Welcome to Fierce Project Management.

Why Fierce?
🐆 Fierce is unapologetic
🐆 Fierce is bold
🐆 Fierce is spirited
🐆 Fierce is protective (of her and her tribe)
🐆 Fierce is expressive
🐆 Fierce is taking action

You can be fierce in your own style, so it doesn’t need to be loud or extrovert if that’s not you.

It does mean putting yourself in your stretch zone and going after what you really want. (I did say bold!)

So come join us, and claim this label with pride.

Fierce Project Management is a mission to embed inclusivity in projects so that women and underrepresented groups can get their voices heard, taken seriously and access opportunities so projects are delivered better.

We do this through:

  • networking support group for like minded Fierce Project Management,
  • sharing research and content about the realities of being a woman in project mangement
  • generating discussion on topics important to Fierce Project Managers
  • Sharing findings of our own research – The Woman in Projects survey which heard experiences of #100women in the profession

We offer services:

  • Mentoring support: An face to face Empower Hour (call or in person) at £99 to focus on action planning for an issue effecting you at work in your project management journey – examples include support for requesting flexible working, tips for dealing with a toxic work culture and a focus on self-promotion that works for you.
  • Mentoring/Leadership Development Programme for ambitious women in project management who want to get their voices heard and lead authentically with influence.
  • Workshops and bespoke consulting packages with organisations to support them to facilitate inclusive project management.
  • Networking Events

What People Say

honestly you were my guardian angel that day you truly were and made me realise they aren’t doing me a favour

Love your work!

Just wanted to say I love the way you put your ideas and opinions across! I can definitely relate some of the issues you address on your page about women in the workplace.

Well done on promoting women in project management…. yest it’s a hard world for us women in project management especially in male dorm environemnt.

Ready to step into your Fierce Project Management style?

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