July 2020 – A year of Fierce!

Ah July 2020. A full year on into Fierce Project Management! Of course 2020 hasn’t been the 2020 I planned, and lockdown (and life after official lockdown) has taken it’s toll with a toddler at home and our usual support network, childcare and nursery having vanished overnight. July for us has been when some ofContinue reading “July 2020 – A year of Fierce!”

A mum who stays at home…

I was asked if I was a stay at home mum today. Erm yes I suppose I am. Particularly as we’ve been in lockdown without any external support – I’ve been staying at home and I am a mum I also have a business I’m running at the same time. I blooming hate the wordContinue reading “A mum who stays at home…”

The story of one woman in project management

I have my own story being a woman in project management in a male dominated industry, most of my time in rail and construction – I was used to being the only woman in the room in a project meeting or at a social, but there were always women around me. Then I got promoted,Continue reading “The story of one woman in project management”