The Fierce Project Management Mastermind

A 12 week online program and community designed to accelerate frustrated women in projects to fierce and authentic leaders! With Bonus year long support and accountability in the community.

Special Founding Member rates – £500 +VAT (Saving £250) for self-funders. Payment plans available.  

  • Are you a woman working in projects feeling fed up of not being heard? 
  • Are you frustrated you are not being taken seriously?
  • Are you flatout working hard but not getting the opportunities you expect?

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, our journey is simply harder. Everyday sexism, biases and overt prejudices can block our path to success. This is exaggerated more when the woman’s identity also fits into the ‘other’ category such as race, sexuality or disability.

Let’s be honest now. 

You KNOW you are ready to level up but you don’t know how to get there. 

Or perhaps you have already leveled up but fear, imposter syndrome and external barriers are holding you back from being really able to shine in YOUR style.

You’re lacking a community for support that will help you get you to where you want to be without having a tough exterior and pretend that everything is under control. 

You need a place where you can just be yourself.

Doing a good job is NOT enough but now is your time to take action. Stop being stuck and start fulfilling your potential.

Let me help you step out of your comfort zone and step into your fierce and authentic PM leadership style?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and step into your fierce and authentic PM leadership style?

The Fierce PM Mastermind aims to give you confidence to shine alongside the tools and techniques to get you to the next level. All delivered within a supportive empowering community.

This is for the project managers and project professionals who are ready to step up and turbocharge their career with authentic and fierce leadership.

I am on a mission to empower ambitious women in PM with tools, techniques and self-worth so they can overcome these challenges to get heard, get taken seriously and create opportunity. And do it in a style that is uniquely right for them.

And because this launch is for founding members, it is shaped to your needs. 

I am launching the mastermind for an exclusive group of Fierce Project Managers and project professionals so we can build the skills together.

How does it work?
🧡 Virtual online meet ups to fit with your busy PM diary
🧡 Each session over 12 weeks helps create a roadmap to Fierce Project Management so you can step up and into your fierce
🧡 Bonus: For a full 12 months you get accountability and support in the community

The roadmap to Fierce Project Management, walks you through these steps:
🐆 Acknowledge – unveiling your awesomeness
🐆 Ask – uncovering your vision and goals
🐆 Ascend – unlocking your barriers and boundaries
🐆 Action – unique pathway for getting results

At every step we work on on strengthening these pillars:

  • Amplify – Maximising your reach & impact through self-promotion
  • Ally-building – Collaborating with your network
  • Assertiveness – Fiercely asking for what you want and need at work
  • Authenticity – Having the courage to be yourself at work

The founding member cost is £750 +VAT for corporate funders, or £500 +VAT for self-funders.

This is the last time it will be available at this price. The cost will increase for future rounds of the programme.

If you are ready to take the next step Book a Call today as spaces are limited in this exclusive community.

We start in Mid January – so you will be going into 2020 already on your journey to fierce authentic leadership! Your time is NOW!

Discover how the Fierce Project Mangagement Mastermind is the answer to unlocking more opportunities, having more influence at work and feeling free to be your awesome self

Check out this short video that gives you an overview of the benefits and features of the Fierce Project Management Mastermind

The Fierce Project Management Mastermind
Anita Phagura, Founder of Fierce PM

I’m Anita Phagura, founder of Fierce Project Management.

I have spent over a decade working as a project manager in Male-dominated industries, mostly within rail and construction. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, navigate bias and hold myself back so that I was not feeling fulfilled or as successful as I know I could have been in my career. I am passionate to tackle the biases and challenges for women, and by that I mean ALL women recognising needs of different women. I also seek to empower women so that are no longer holding themselves back for fear of being judged, or feelings of why bother.

What Fierce Project Managers say about me?

“This is why I wanted to talk to you as I knew you’d help me, show the other side of it.”

“Thanks to our discussions in the past I am hot on self-promotion”

“I’m loving it such a godsend honestly you were my guardian angel that day you truly were and made me realise they aren’t  doing me a favour” 

“This group is already giving me the confidence to stretch myself”

“I love your approach your openness, how you show your vulnerabilities, how you talk about what went wrong and what have hurt you, and how after all you’ve been able to put all this things together and simply transform it into really good advice, inspiring words and femomenal guidance for those going through the say – I say this because I’ve already learned a lot”

“It had a huge effect on my personal level of self confidence as it promptly helped me understand that most women go through the same in their careers and that I wasn’t alone”

If you would rather message me to see if you are a good fit for the Fierce PM Mastermind, then contact me:

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