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Empowering Women In Project Management To Step Up As Fierce Leaders And Create Cultures Of Belonging
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Fierce Project Management offers mentoring, coaching and consulting services with women in project management and works with organisations to create cultures of belonging.

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About us

The Fierce Project Management movement empowers women and underrepresented groups, allowing projects to be delivered more effectively with diverse leaders.

Anita Phagura is the founder of Fierce Project Management, formed in 2019 by collating research from 100 women working in project management.

She is a dissenter who challenges the status quo to put humanity, and equity at the heart of projects and beyond.

As a project manager for over a decade in predominantly male dominated industries, Anita fiercely champions and advocates for women enabling them to be heard facilitating improved project outcomes.


Recognising the value of community, Anita created the Fierce Project Management Tribe as a networking community for project professionals. She now has a successful membership community, and Mastermind coaching programme empowering women as fierce project leaders in the workplace.


This month, Anita is speaking at two epic online global project management conferences amongst a line up of fabulous speakers in the world of project management.

Join Anita and be inspired to “Think Differently” and create a “Brave New World“.


14th September – 26th September


A Fierce Way to a Brave New World – where our humanity and our planet are at the heart of our society, our organisations and our projects. Project leaders play a fierce role in bringing about and sustaining this brave new world. Now is exactly the right time. How can YOU step up as a fierce project manager or project leader to create a “Brave New World“?

You can watch Anita’s talk at the PMO Impact Summit from Monday 14th September available for 48 hours for free.

Upgrade to VIP access for longer access and lots of bonuses , use my speaker code for a sneaky discount: ANITAVIP


21st September – 25th September


APM Think Differently Conference (APM Diversity and Women in Project Management conference)

Ever felt you didn’t didn’t fit in around here? As a woman in project management, particularly as a different woman, we will hear messages about how we are “too much” or “not enough” and should mould ourselves to fit in. This doesn’t just effect women of course, and men will hear messages of how they should be to fit in around here.

In this interactive session, we explore how to think differently about those who miss-fit so that we embrace the misfits to create cultures of belonging. Now is exactly the right time to think differently for better project outcomes.

Join Anita on Thursday, 24th September at 1pm and register for the week long conference ; free to APM Members and £25 to non members

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