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Creating cultures of belonging so those from marginalised groups can thrive within male-dominated project environments

Hi, I’m Anita

I support women and those from marginalised groups to stand in their own shoes as leaders.

A client told me this was a Dutch expression that perfectly described the impact of working with me – she had the confidence to be herself in a male-dominated industry when she was hearing she was “too much” of something or “not enough” of something else, now she knew she didn’t need to be in anyone else’s shoes to lead effectively. This is at the essence of what I do as I empower project leaders and aspiring leaders from marginalised groups to fiercely carve their career and lead authentically.

I specialise in helping project leaders, predominately in male-dominated industries such as construction, to upskill their inclusive leadership competencies so that they embed diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at all levels of managing and leading projects. This leads to better project delivery through the retention, engagement and promotion of diverse talent.


I can lead in a way that is authentically me.

”I found Anita when I was in a bit of a low, stagnant place with my project management career after elevating quite quickly. I had maneuvered myself through a number of PM roles/organisations but through this process was starting to wonder if I had fallen out of love with my profession or maybe I just wasn’t in the right place. I felt lost, unsupported and lonely. 

Anita took me through a journey to rekindle and refine my full potential as an enabler of change and a leader of teams. She helped me find my values and what’s important to me so I can focus on this. We spend too much of our time in life concerned with what we aren’t good at and not enough time focussing on what we are. Anita took the time to actively listen, question and challenge where appropriate, to guide me through this process. Anita uses a warm, personable and friendly approach to engage with her clients, in a non-judgemental and safe environment. I really valued this because it enabled trust to be built up quickly. 

The impact of being part of Anita’s scheme has been fundamental for me. I have now reignited my love for project management and also working in an organisation aligned to my values. The fierce project managers I have met through Anita’s PM tribe are fantastic and I will always be thankful for how this has reminded me most importantly that I can lead in a way that’s authentically me, in line with my own values and strengths. I feel that I am finally a part of a support structure that I always believed I needed, but never knew where to turn”

Lexie, Senior Project Manager 

It gave my company a Fierce Project Manger that is subtly changing the way we as women should be as leaders.

“At the start of my journey I was project managing huge projects and trying to find my unique voice as a project manager. My challenge was confidence and ability to speak up when needed

Wanting to grow myself, my career and my own uniqueness, I was seeking coaching opportunities. Fierce PM seemed like just the right thing. 

The outcome was amazing. During and end of the classes, I dove deep into what really mattered to me in my career, as a leader. Also my principles and motivations. Who I am really as a person and as a leader. That is just one of the few things we delved into together. The changes and learning was enormous. I finally found my fierceness and could say all the reasons why I am incredible. Also I found myself with a support group of fierce female PMs, friends for life.

The immediate outcome was the difference in the way I was at work. I was a Fierce Project Manager. The immediate benefit was the increase in confidence, support group and ability to apply my skills and vision to my work and life. I started dreaming a little more 🙂 

It gave my company a Fierce Project Manager that is subtly changing how we as women we should be leaders. Not to mention as happier and well engaged employee. 

Must do – wherever in your career as a project manager or leader. Whether you are lacking motivation and wondering what to do next – Fierce PM Mastermind will help you find that, or you are in a happy place, getting comfortable, Fierce PM Mastermind will challenge you to the next level of levelling up!” 

Nisha, Project Manager 

She was extremely flexible, able to perfectly shape her content to suit the needs and challenges of our participants.

“What struck me most about Anita is not only her obvious knowledge and expertise in the areas of leadership and coaching but also her ability to deliver her content with such authenticity and humbling grace, that she instantly made all of our participants feel comfortable and open to share.

Delivering a session on authentic leadership and adaptability, Anita facilitated a workshop for our Agents of Change Women’s Community Leadership Programme participants, a project funded by Imperial College London, Hammersmith & Fulham Council, The Lyric Theatre and Hammersmith United Charities. She was extremely flexible, able to perfectly shape her content to suit the needs and challenges of our participants (despite a very tight turnaround time of just 24-hours to prepare), and we had participants commenting: “that was the best”, “you are brilliant, Anita”!

I would highly recommend Anita’s services around inclusive leadership, coaching and project management.”

Jay Stone, Community Development Officer at Imperial College London & Corporate & Executive Coach at Stone Changes